A new quick-plate will be coming for the side-saddle.

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A new quick-plate will be coming for the side-saddle.

Post by alt-az-builder » Sat Oct 28, 2017 3:49 pm

The side-saddle configuration of the Hitch Hiker is extremely elegant for spotting scopes and telephoto lenses that have rotating mounting collars. It's really hard to imagine a better mount for these instruments. In pursuit of being unquestionably the world's best birding mount, we will soon offer a new version of our quick-plate which will allow spotting scopes and telephotos to be aimed almost straight upwards -- and downwards to very low angles, as well.

Tests with a 77mm Kowa angle-view spotting scope equipped with 20x to 60x zoom eyepiece -- perfectly two-axis balanced on the side-saddle -- show that the scope can be aimed without interference from about 10-degrees from vertical to about 25-degrees below horizontal using our standard 4-inch quick-plate. This is a pretty wide range of rotation -- and of course, the full range of rotation is effortless, with the scope seeming to hover in air. But we will release a new quick-plate that is thicker -- designed to space the scope .6 inch to the left, allowing it to rotate to vertical and to about 60-degrees below horizontal.

Of course, the exact range of rotation will vary with different scopes and lenses -- but the idea is to create an extremely generous range of rotation for whatever instrument you are using. Typically, the new quick-plate will only be of interest to those using the side-saddle. Scopes mounted to the payload platform already enjoy an unrestricted range of rotation.

The new quick-plate will be ribbed in such a way as to keep its weight low -- still prefect for hiking. The standard 4-inch quick-plate probably addresses most situations that side-saddle users will encounter -- but the new quick-plate will offer even more versatility for side-saddle users.


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