Hitch Hiker w/ A&M 80mm Triplet

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Hitch Hiker w/ A&M 80mm Triplet

Post by StarSurfer81 » Thu Apr 12, 2018 6:00 pm

Finally registered in order to show off Charles and Sons handiwork. As I have just read about Charles and his unfortunate passing, this will also serve as a testament to the quality of his output up until the very end. I have had the 80mm A&M/LOMO Triplet since 2006, second owner. Not sure if the original owner knew what he was giving up. Certainly the Ferrari of small refactors. Over ten years passed until I finally found a mount worthy of pairing with the OTA. With the 2" Williams Diagonal, a 17mm T4 Nagler and the Televue-style clamshell, the weight is around 12 pounds. It's configured with the side saddle, it works wonderfully. I really can't imagine the motion of the 2 axes being any smoother, butter. The heavy Manfrotto 3051 might not be the optimal choice for this setup but still does the job and is a quick setup. The mount is number 00067, and possibly one of only a few black-colored out there? RIP Charles, you were always so quick to respond to my questions/concerns and I could tell you genuinely loved what you did.
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