Hitch Hiker with 80mm APO triplet

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Hitch Hiker with 80mm APO triplet

Post by Passerine » Fri Mar 30, 2018 12:39 am

I thought I would share a couple recent photos of my CFF 80mm APO refractor on my Hitch Hiker Astro. The scope is a rare item: Only 7 were made and 2 of those were kept by the 2 gentlemen who make the CFF refractors in Europe; they have no plans to make any more. CFF scopes have very robust and elegant mechanics and so the Hitch Hiker makes an ideal "hand made" companion. Because the build quality is so robust, generally CFF scopes are not the lightest instruments available, but I tried to keep this one as light as possible. It has a Feather Touch Crayford focuser and usually I will use the light Baader T2 diagonal and 1.25" eyepieces. The scope as pictured weighs 7.6 lbs, which includes the diagonal, and 24mm eyepiece and the Hitch Hiker 4" dovetail. This is about as big and heavy a telescope as I would want to mount on the Hitch Hiker, but it performs quite well, even at powers over 100X. With the focuser rotated to a vertical position, I can point within maybe 5 or 10 degrees of the zenith. This was the "grab and go" configuration that I originally envisioned way back when the Hitch Hiker was in prototype/design phase. It would be easily manageable for traveling/airline carry-on. However, ultimately I tracked down a used FTQ mount with encoders, and usually the FTQ will be what I use with the CFF 80 for astronomy. But I still might use the Hitch Hiker as pictured when I want to keep it very light and simple or if I may want to walk around with it, etc.
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