Hitch Hiker update -- May 11

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Hitch Hiker update -- May 11

Post by alt-az-builder » Thu May 11, 2017 10:57 pm

The new Hitch Hiker is getting close to becoming reality. It's a monumental task to put an item as complex and precise as the Hitch Hiker into production. Carving parts out of blocks of metal is not easy -- and there are many variables. For something like the Hitch Hiker, the parts must border on perfection. In some cases, a thousandth of an inch can make a big difference. And finishes must also be good. Not everything can be done strictly by formula, either. One must have a clear understanding of what will happen during the manufacturing processes. Experience is important.

It is a great milestone when the first of something is completed. The true effort behind this milestone is never fully apparent. We are getting close to the moment when the Hitch Hiker will exist instead of being dreamed about. The production mount is greatly improved over the prototype Hitch Hikers -- and the level of perfection in its production is also greatly improved. The "birth" of something new to the world always brings a sense of elation and a moment of disbelief, "Wow -- it's better than I thought it would be!"

The early backers of the project are certainly an integral part of the creation of the Hitch Hiker -- and everyone involved will be rightly able to share the high that comes with creation.

All of the aluminum parts are with the anodizing company. It's hard to know exactly how long the anodizing company will keep them -- but they should be back soon. The stainless steel parts are all machined. I've seen the new stainless steel quick-plate clamping levers --and they are really good-looking. The new clamp parts are a big upgrade over the prototype Hitch Hiker. The shop is still working on the DELRIN friction-control collars -- which is all that remains to the machining.

I am in the process of ordering the off-the-shelf components -- including custom serial number tags. Once I have everything to assemble the first Hitch Hiker, there will be a short period of testing and tweaking -- getting all the adjustment settings just right. We'll publish some photos, for sure. Then I will start assembling the first Hitch Hikers for shipment.

The Hitch Hiker is going to be great! And the first ones are coming soon!


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