Two-axis balancing unlocks all other Hitch Hiker benefits.

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Two-axis balancing unlocks all other Hitch Hiker benefits.

Post by alt-az-builder » Sun Nov 05, 2017 7:56 pm

A lot of new Hitch Hiker users are coming online as the number of mounts in the field has reached 55 -- with more being mailed this coming week. I want to encourage everyone to be sure that they understand how to perform two-axis balancing of the Hitch Hiker. Two-axis balancing is what sets the Hitch Hiker apart from other small mounts. If you have not performed two-axis balancing for your instrument, then you are missing most of the advantages offered by the Hitch Hiker.

When properly two-axis balanced, you instrument will seem to effortlessly hover in air. You will not have to add ANY resistance from the damping control levers for the instrument to remain pointed to your target -- regardless of the elevation angle. And you will end up using only modest levels of resistance/damping to perform your observations/photos. If you are squeezing the control levers to stay on-target, then you are completely misusing the Hitch Hiker -- and a huge and pleasant surprise awaits you once you have performed two-axis balancing.

Keep in mind that two-axis balancing involves moving the saddle up/down as well as moving the instrument fore/aft.

If you have questions, ask them in this forum, and I will supply more explanation on any point that is confusing you. The Hitch Hiker User Group is your resource. Please take advantage of it.

On a side-note, your first three posts might be moderated as we try to filter out spammers -- who are very aggressive. If we recognize your email as belonging to a customer, we take you off the moderation list after one post.



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