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Reversing the cam-levers

Posted: Thu Jan 04, 2018 8:25 pm
by alt-az-builder
The Hitch Hiker is designed so that the cam-levers which control the damping levels of the axes can be reversed by the user to increase clearance for whatever setup might be in use. The process of reversing a cam-lever is quite simple. Use a hex key to unscrew the pull-screw -- then reverse the direction of everything. There is a small set-screw on the side of the damping control collar that can be used to adjust how easily the cam-levers swivel to different orientations. Two tapped holes are provided for this set-screw. When reversing a cam-lever, move this set-screw to the other hole so that it bears against the pull-screw close to the head of the pull-screw.

I found it convenient to reverse the azimuth (left/right) cam-lever when using the Nikon D850 with 80-400 zoom attached to the side-saddle. This allowed the camera to be rotated farther downward and did not pose a restriction to the upward rotation.

As always, I caution everyone not to over-tighten any screw. All adjustments on the Hitch Hiker require only light tension of adjustment screws.