Hitch Hiker Optical Mount
Lightweight Balanced Motion Tripod Head

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Hitch Hiker SS
The Hitch Hiker Optical Mount equipped with the Side-Saddle which provides a direct attachment method for scopes and lenses that have rotating mounting collars.


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Hitch Hiker PP
The Hitch Hiker Optical Mount equipped with the payload platform is useful for mounting cameras with short lenses that lack a rotating collar. It is also useful for mounting binoculars and other instruments that have to be attached directly on the bottom side. Note that the payload platform can quickly and easily rotate a camera from landscape to portrait mode without significantly affecting the balance.


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Hitch Hiker SXP 
The Hitch Hiker Optical Mount that includes both side saddle and the payload platform. Switching from one configuration to the other involves only four screws.


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4 Inch Black Anodized ARCA-Swiss type Quickplate 


+ $7 Shipping

Side Saddle
The Side-Saddle provides a direct attachment method for scopes and lenses that have rotating mounting collars. The Side-Saddle provides more rigid support for these instruments while actually reducing the size and weight of the Hitch Hiker. A lever-operated ARCA-Swiss style quick-plate clamp is an integral part of the Side-Saddle.


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Side Saddle Finder Bracket
The Side-Saddle Bracket can be used to attach an optical or red-dot finder for centering objects quickly.


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Locking Pin
The retractable Locking Pin can be used with either the quick-plate clamp on the standard Payload Platform or the quick-plate clamp on the Side-Saddle to prevent accidental opening of the clamp. It is mostly intended as fail-safe device for those carrying a valuable instrument on the Hitch Hiker over the shoulder while hiking -- preventing such accidents as the clamping lever getting snagged on a loop on a pack or a similar situation. The clamp itself is quite secure -- and will not come open unless accidentally tugged.


+ $7 Shipping

Shipping quotes for US only. To request an international shipping quote,send the mailing address toinfo@hitchhiker-om.com. Sales tax of 8.25% is added for Texas residents. The Hitch Hiker is warranted at no charge to US customers for two years against defects in materials and workmanship. Fading and changes to the colors of anodized finishes can not be included in the warranty since such changes are highly dependent on the environment to which the device is exposed. Clear anodize will not change. International warranty registration is required for warranty coverage to customers residing outside of the US. International warranty registration is optional -- but warranty claims outside the US will not be honored without it. Ther international warranty registration fee is $49 for a Hitch Hiker SS; or $59 for a Hitch Hiker PP or SXP -- and must be paid at the time of mount purchase.