Hitch Hiker Optical Mount
Lightweight Balanced Motion Tripod Head

Hitch Hikers will start shipping soon on a limited basis.


Clear Anodized Hitch Hiker


4 Inch Black Anodized ARCA-Swiss type Quickplate


Side Saddle

The Side-Saddle can be used in place of the normal saddle and Payload Platform to attach large telephoto lenses or spotting scopes with rotating mounting rings, or astronomical telescopes. The Side-Saddle provides more rigid support for these instruments while actually reducing the size and weight of the Hitch Hiker. A lever-operated ARCA-Swiss style quick-plate clamp is an integral part of the Side-Saddle.


Side Saddle Finder Bracket

The Side-Saddle Bracket can be used to attach an optical or red-dot finder for centering objects quickly.


Locking Pin

The retractable Locking Pin can be used with either the quick-plate clamp on the standard Payload Platform or the quick-plate clamp on the Side-Saddle to prevent accidental opening of the clamp. It is mostly intended as fail-safe device for those carrying a valuable instrument on the Hitch Hiker over the shoulder while hiking -- preventing such accidents as the clamping lever getting snagged on a loop on a pack or a similar situation. The clamp itself is quite secure -- and will not come open unless accidentally tugged.

Sales tax of 8.25% is added for Texas residents. The Hitch Hiker is warranted for two years against defects in materials and workmanship. International shipping quote available upon request.