Hitch Hiker Optical Mount
Lightweight Balanced Motion Tripod Head

Summary of Hitch Hiker Features:

  • Provides smooth motions and precise control for fast, accurate photo composition. Uniform rotations.
  • No variations when turning up/down. No locking to hold position. Weighs only 2.5 pounds. Folds compactly. Versatility to be full-time tripod head.
  • CNC machined aircraft-grade alloys. Anodized finish. Rigid; precise; beautiful.
  • Smooth, slop-free, preloaded roller bearings.
  • Lever-operated controls instantly fine-tune "feel" of axes for every situation.
  • Accommodates loads to 6.5 pounds on the payload platform. An optional side-saddle extends the load capacity to 12 pounds for scopes and lenses with rotating mounting rings. These are realistic load limits -- not fictions.
  • Fore/aft adjustable payload platform eliminates reliance on long quick-plates.
  • Retractable guide-handle provides precise motion control. Angle adjustable. Knurled grip.
  • Retractable payload platform travels small but holds wide loads like binoculars. Fast, secure lever-operated quick-plate clamp built into payload platform.
  • Shift from landscape to portrait format in seconds without disturbing balance.
  • RAM-ball integrated into yoke for easy attachment of a smart-phone or GPS.
  • Can aim equipment straight-up or straight-down -- without gravity-induced flop.
  • Engraved azimuth scale to aid in spacing panoramic photos.
  • Attaches to tripod via standard 3/8-16 screw.
  • Optional quick-plate with ARCA-Swiss clamping cross-section includes safety device to prevent the plate from accidentally sliding out of the clamp when used with a Hitch Hiker. (Not included.)
  • Optional device for locking the quick-plate clamp when carrying instruments over a shoulder. (Not included.)
  • Warranted for two years against defects in materials and workmanship. Fading and changes to the colors of anodized finishes can not be included in the warranty since such changes are highly dependent on the environment to which the device is exposed. Clear anodize will not change.
  • Made in USA.

The optional side-saddle can be used for many telephoto lenses with mounting rings to about 600 mm. The side-saddle also offers more rigid support for astronomical telescopes and large spotting scopes. And the side-saddle increases rigidity while reducing the weight of the Hitch Hiker -- and makes the mount more compact for transport and storage.